2014 SMART Goals

Before I get started with blogging my makes I wanted to set some goals for the rest of the year to help guide my sewing and blogging experiences. All these goals have been crafted with ‘SMART’ objectives in mind, ‘SMART’ stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Related. I’m aiming to complete all of the following goals by the end of 2014. Typically I have a natural inclination to over commit myself and end up feeling like I’ve failed somewhat however this time I’m doing my best to select seven modest goals that I stand a reasonable chance of meeting.

This is just a rough and ready list but here goes:

  • To make a skirt, dress and a top
  • To blog weekly
  • To comment on others blog posts on a weekly basis
  • To craft an item that is not from ‘Tilly in the Buttons: Love at First Stitch’
  • To visit the famous Walthamstow market and spend a small fortune!
  • To attend a  class at the famous ‘Sew over It’
  • To purchase (or beg, borrow or steal) a sewing machine all of my own

I’m already looking forward to seeing how I get on with these. Wish me luck!


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